SIP1012906_P.jpgThe Rocking Chair

I sit and she hugs me
Wraps her wooden arms around me
Curving around my back
Curling around my arms
I close my eyes and she soothes me

With the gentle sway
She rocks back and forthwalnut_rocker_main.jpg
Back and forth
Like a mother soothing
Her frightened child
She comforts me

She sings as she moves 78479948.jpg
Back and forth
Back and forth
Like a mothers sweet song
Singing me to sleep

I wrote this poem in the image of Elizabeth Bishop
She would take the simplest thing like a fish or a toad and turn it into poetry. She uses such vivid imagery (which I certainly can’t match) so you can picture in your head exactly what she was seeing and writing about. So I hope you enjoy my very amateur attempt to copy the tone and style of Elizabeth Bishop.