Bishop,Elizabeth_3.jpgOctober 6th 1979
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Former Poet Laureate Dead at the age of 68.

Elizabeth Bishop, a beloved American poet and writer died today of a cerebral aneurism. She was sixty eight. (Wikipedia)
Bishop was born February eighth 1911. she lived through two World Wars, the Great Depression, and so many other major events. She was alive to see so many changes occur; she literally watched the world change around her as she grew up and lived her life.
Her father died when she was only eight months old. Several years later, her mother who had been suffering from nervous collapses was admitted to a mental hospital. Bishop was then shuffled between several different family members, first her maternal grandparents in Nova Scotia, then her paternal grandparents in Worcester Massachusetts, and finally her mothers sister. (
Elizabeth attended Vassar University, where she met Marianne Moore who introduced her to the idea of a career in poetry and would become a lifelong friend and mentor. (Colwell, Agnes Anne)
Bishop first published her poems and short stories in the New Yorker and other magazines. (Bishop, Elizabeth) Her first book North and South was published in August of 1946. (Colwell, Agnes Anne)
Bishop spent several years of her life in Brazil, where she had a long relationship with Lota de Macedo Soares. Bishop ultimately ended the relationship after she had an affair with another woman. Soares followed her to New York and committed suicide in 1967.
In 1971 Bishop met Alice Methfessel and stayed with her until her death. (Wikipedia)
Bishop won many awards during her life including the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Houghton Mifflin Poetry Prize Fellowship as well as many others. In 1949 Bishop was appointed Consultant in Poetry at the Library of Congress, a position now known as Poet Laureate. She won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1956. (Wikipedia) Her poems were known for their precise observations and understated, descriptive quality (Bishop Elizabeth 2)
The Death of Elizabeth Bishop is truly a loss to the literary world.