A Miracle for Breakfast

At six o’clock we were waiting for coffee,
waiting for coffee and the charitable crumb
that was going to be served from a certain balcony
--like kings of old, or like a miracle.
It was still dark. One foot of the sun
steadied itself on a long ripple in the river.

The first ferry of the day had just crossed the river.
It was so cold we hoped that the coffee
would be so very hot, seeing that the sun
was not going to warm us; and that the crumb
would be a loaf of each, buttered, by a miracle.
At seven a man stepped out on the balcony.

He stood for a minute alone on the balcony
looking over our heads toward the river,
and, in a cup, one drop of the coffee.
Some of us stood around, waiting for the miracle.

I can tell what I saw next; it was not a miracle.
A beautiful villa stood in the sundepression_bread_line_Corbis-UPI-Bettmann.jpg
and from its doors came the smell of hot coffee.
In front, a baroque white plaster balcony
added by birds, who nest along the river,
--I saw it with one eye close to the crumb—

And galleries and marble chambers. My crumb
my mansion, made for me by a miracle,
through ages, by insects, birds, and the river
working the stone. Every day, in the sun,
at breakfast time I sit on my balcony

Those with a Marxist perspective would read this poem and feel familiarity. They would feel like they were reading a story of the people.
This Poem talks about the hunger of the people, the miracle of finding just a crumb to eat when so many had nothing. The king standing on his balcony overlooking his kingdom, passing down nothing more than crumbs to his people while he feasts, uncaring about the plight of those beneath him. Just like the business owner, who doesn't think about the working class who makes his money for him; and yet can't afford to feed their families.

I found the imagery in this poem absolutely stunning. You can picture as you read, the line of people standing, waiting for a crumb as the sun rises and the light catches the glass of the windows the metal of the balconies and the personification of the sun standing on the river is simply beautiful.